Virgin Falls Sidoharjo Kulonprogo

1 Jan

Waterfall in Jogja . Hear the waterfall or waterfall Sidoharjo I immediately update infonya. This waterfall is located in Kulonprogo . Curug Sidoharjo is precisely located in the Village Sidoharjo, District Samigaluh, Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta. Direction is most easily start of the monument continues westward along the jl Godean. Intersection ring road continues westward, reached the market Godean still continued to travel toward the west Dekso Progo.

From this approximate that can be used is Dekso market. Estimates of the monument to Dekso about 1 hour trip on a motorbike. The distance is about 5 miles from Market Dekso, after arriving at Sidoharjo MTs turn left and pass through the uphill road, and then have Melawati path on the edge of fields and woods. If you are still confused when it came to market around Dekso can ask directly to the population. While the signage and directions are not yet available.

When entering from the main road side is the beautiful scenery, indulge virgin eyes. Although the road has not been too good, but can stretch while enjoying the fresh country environment. Because there has not been well managed car parking area is still in the population. Travel about 500 m further to walk down the tree rimbunya trees and walkways. Arrive at destination .. have exhausted paid to get there. Buliran fine point of rushing water on my face.

How is 30-40 meter high waterfall made of water falling and breaking wind. Of history have made a few hundred feet wet our clothes. This waterfall falls from the cliffs overlooking the overgrown right-left-turn green. When I arrived I found some wild monkeys around the waterfall. Well for those of you who do not know this new tourist destination, could be an alternative to travel in the region west Progo. But it must be remembered as the waterfall discharge is highly dependent on rainfall. If the dry season water level waterfall is shrinking even dry.



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