Mount Nglanggeran

1 Feb

Teletak village Patuk Nglanggeran District, this resort is within about 15 minutes, about 22 km from the city Wonosari. Mount Nglanggeran presents its own charm. The landscape has a beauty that is very unique geology and high scientific value.

Nglanggeran name appears on the word planggaran which means that every evil will come to light behavior. Some people may speak, the name of the hill rises 700 meters above sea level with the imperishable word meaning a peaceful and tranquil countryside.

DI Mount Nglanggeran there are 28 springs. Goa right next to Japan, there are sources of water that never dry all the time. Citizens be assured source of water seepage from the lake which dubbed Well Wungu mystical. I wonder, only the net care able to see the existence of the well. Water from the mountain Nglanggeran often taken from the Kraton Yogyakarta palace slaves as a means ask securiy and safety of all the DIY community.

Tourism potential in the western part of the Mount Nglanggeran

This location is by the people around them are called Song Gudel (Cage Child Kebo), because the location is there are large rocks that “disonggo” smaller rocks and form such a cave, which resembles a cage. Landscape around the site of a large mound of rocks and there are variations in the surrounding vegetation, such as sengon and acacia. From this location next to the location of the Zone senthong takes approximately 3-5 minutes.

The second site is called Zone senthong (a gap of two hills), the location of these travelers will be presented with the crush of the two cliffs which must pass in order to get to the next location. Location in tourists also tested, because the distance between the cracks beginning to end with a gap distance of approximately 50m far enough and should continue to creep up.

Well before heading to the location of the three, tourists can take a break and enjoy the natural scenery is breathtaking by Shelter (Saung) that has been provided by the manager / Youth Bukit Putra Mandiri Nglanggeran village.

Continue the journey to the location of the 3 that Tlatar Gedhe which takes approximately 10 minutes from senthong Zone (no break in the Shelter). The path is quite challenging, through volcanic rock, and occasionally through the bush but do not give up because this location is served by such a beautiful panorama of the varied types of vegetation to the landscape that has a different color. The atmosphere is greatly improved quality of scenery Tlatar gedhe location. From Screen to Mount Gedhe Tlatar spent about 10 minutes.


Of Tlatar Gedhe we can continue the journey to the mountain location to 4 color, called Mount Screen because the shape resembles a flat mountain which is a puppet of color in a white cloth background in which the puppet play. Myths that developed in the community is if there is a puppet show in the west sea / mountain back to the unpredictable events will occur which is undesirable. Therefore, always avoiding the public about such matters. This location also contained the crush of two hills that tourists inevitably have to pass through to get to the next location of the “Sources gutter” which after passing through the gap where we will arrive at a location that is not too spacious inside, and there are springs on the top . The source location of this sewer is usually also used as a ritual for those who believe in the mystical world of revelation and success to get what she wants.

Next to the location that is not less interesting are the summit of Mount Gedhe. The journey is quite long and tiring towards this location about 15 minutes from the sewage source capable of paying off with a fantastic view and very impressive, because the hills we went through earlier than during the trip appears from the summit of Mount Gedhe. Tourists can not be denied indeed linger at home this location, because it perpetuated the view is perfect for.

Once up the hill ynag challenging and tiring but fun, tourists are invited people down the hill through the forest stand composition as ytang have sengon, Mahogany, Teak, and some agricultural land such as maize, cassava, etc.. Agroforestry systems are very suitable to be applied by the village community, because in addition to maintaining the ecological needs of ecosystems and empowering them to land for food crops. This trip takes quite a long time about 45 minutes to the next location. The intended location of the views of Mount Wayang Abimayu. Location is once again presented with the beauty of the Creator is in the form of peaks towering rocks and has a stunning natural relief.

The next location is Kaliwiyu Goa. This cave has not been explored biodiversity so that tourists could enjoy a trip to the mouth of the cave alone. From its previous location to spend approximately 8 minutes drive to the site.

The last site is a seasonal waterfall scene from the name alone is clear that the rainy season the water out just past the rock crevices. In addition there are points of rock climbing that is deliberately created for travelers who want to test the adrenaline. This location is quite close to the pavilion Joglo Kalisong is approximately 50 meters east desebelah marquee.


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