Sri getuk Falls South Mountain

1 Mar

Located one object with a series of caves Design. Meawarkan natural beauty. Now become one of the mainstays of South Mountain District. To get to the waterfall Sri Gethuk, could reach the end of the main street of Jogja – Wonosari with a distance of about 10 km, which is decorated with white stone instead of asphalt road along about 3 km that can only be traversed by a maximum of one vehicle.

Its location makes it a pretty extreme there is no public transport services operating in the area. The only way is simply to use a private vehicle or bus that was not too big.

Before reaching the waterfall Sri Gethuk, visitors are advised to take the first route is full of Golden Goa Design. From this cave, visitors can walk to the waterfall or be delivered to the vehicle pick-up facilities or tourist attractions like the manager to the bank of the River Oyo.


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