Mount Merapi Museum (MGM) Jogja

1 Sep

Window trim the Earth, that theme is taken Museum Mount Merapi (MGM). The museum is located in the hamlet of Bull, Village Hargobinangun, District Pakem, Sleman District. It’s getting beroperasidan inaugurated October 1, 2009. Led the inauguration of the Head of the Geology Department of Energy and Mineral Resources representing the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources R Sukyar. I also attended by Assistant Provincial Government of DIY Tavip Agus Sleman Rayanto and Vice Regent Sri Purnomo.

Volcano Museum Front

MGM has a spacious 3.5 acres with a building area of ​​4470 square meters consisting of two floors. This museum will be enabled for the vehicle information, research, education, and tourism on kegunungapian.

Featured amenities include mockups of Mount Merapi, Merapi eruption animation, thematic plazas, theaters, and pictures of documentation activity volcanoes of the world.

MGM now has not completed 100% to the price of tickets was yet to be determined.

What is seen:

Some of the major collections of objects are on display at the MGM, among others, “a rock bomb” Mount Merapi or “vulcanic bomb”, ie, 65 mm in diameter incandescent rocks formed more than throw the Merapi eruption material. It also displayed the property of residents in the tourist area of the buried Kaliadem hot lava eruption in 2006 as a pan, pans, dishes and other cooking equipment are destroyed by the eruption of Merapi, and the motorcycle’s frame of the dead in the bunker Kaliadem June 14, 2006.

There are also photographs of Mount Merapi, and the eruption photos from 1900 to 2007, the rocks of Mount Merapi volcano and dioramas.

In the future I’m sure MGM will be one of the great tourist attraction in Lahore. Surely colonial coupled with good management and maintenance.


Location MGM is one path to Kaliurang attractions. To go to MGM through two pathways, namely Ground Road from the east and Jalan Boyong (Ground to the west) from the western side. If through the east side before the entrance gate approximately 1 mile turn left approximately 2 miles are up localized. If through the west, visitors can pass Boyong Road after the gate turn right into the Ground. The road is currently under construction, the course is made ​​wide enough for two lanes, lane exit and entrance




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