Tuk Sibeduk

1 Sep

Sunan Kalijaga indeed inseparable from the history of Islam in Java. This guardian is best known for perpetualang to corners. At that time the center was in Demak perintahan located north shore. Sedaangkan in the countryside south of Java, many people still believe in another religion or Javanese.

The Mayor arrived at the area west of Yogyakarta today. When about to pray Dhuhr Sunan trouble finding water to wudhlu. God as a top karomah a guardian, sunan menacapkan wand. Once removed then out the spring that he used to berwudhlu. Because the incident occurred when the drum (marker prayer) Dhuhr then after that the spring is called Tuk Beduk Si (Si springs Beduk).

Until now the springs are still preserved. Even when it comes to the mosque and has been in banguna rehap become permanent.

Tourist attraction

for uri menguri Sunan Kalijaga services in spreading the teachings of Islam, people make sukuran Merti sekali.Upacara year by the three programs is called Midang Village. As the ceremony Merti other villages, mountains of the earth for grabs in the event.

Kirap circuit at the start of Hamlet Grogol. Grogol called for in this village dicerikatan Sunan Kalijaga comb her hair and her hair was Grogoli (falling). Didusun pemidangan have a place (the building in which there is ground cover). Pamidangan is supposedly as a sign of prosperity. If the stack height is estimated that the people will prosper while the dieprkirakaan menyususn’s food shortage in the vicinity. Disekitanya Pamidangan and land is still the Sultan Ground.

Well after the start of the Hamlet Pamidangan Grogol, Gunungan Ccenil food usually is carried toward the edge of the road Melawati Tuk Siberduk Ditch Mataram. After the mountain prayed and fought over by the community.

As a place nenepi

currently serves as a bath slain for locals, this place was visited by people who want solitude and prayer request to God. Seemingly few remaining tuk incense near the drum.


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